September 2020 Ladies of Horror Picture Prompt Challenge: When the Skies Turn Black | @LydiaPrime

The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!


When the Skies Turn Black
by Lydia Prime

When the skies turn black,
I won’t look back
to see the stampeding hordes.

I’ll raise up my arms
and sound the alarms,
while the blood of humanity pours.

I won’t just give in
to mortal sin,
as the world crumbles to ash.

I’ll keep out of sight,
from celestial light—
paranoia spills out with a splash.

The smell of decay,
as they stumble away,
will do nothing to calm my nerves…

Alive, but just barely—
I will try to carry
the enchanted tome of lost words.

Hands to the sky,
I’ll look out and cry;
a witness to all it consumes.

It feasts and it lurks,
yet my magical quirks,
won’t slow the creeping doom.

So, when the sky’s torn,
the planet will mourn;
my hands will weave through the air—

I’ll mumble goodbyes,
while everything dies,
trying to vainly escape my despair.

Fiction © Copyright Lydia Prime
Image courtesy of Christina Sng


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Faulty Advice Friday | BatteredNBroke

Welcome to Faulty Advice Friday! This is the first installment of (hopefully) many, where I take some time to answer your toughest questions.


What can I do today to put myself in a better financial position a year from now?

BatteredNBroke, New Hampshire

Hey there BatteredNBroke!

This is a great question, everyone could use some extra dough right? Well, here’s the most important key: invest in your future.

Start by heading to your local arms dealer, this can be on the street or more likely, within the nearest massive chain store. Assuming it’s the latter, you’re going to have to wear traditional dress in order to achieve your task: a double canned beer hat, and a neon colored unitard. This unitard should be at least 3 sizes too small, this will help to accentuate what ever else you might be packin’, if you catch my drift. Shoes are entirely optional, although I believe mismatched ones bring you into the upper class ranking. Once you’ve got the outfit down – you’re more than half way there.

You should be able to simply walk up to the counter and request the bang-banger of your choice. Snatch that puppy outta the clerk’s hands, load up on extra bullets (you can never have too many), and grab a pair of women’s tights on your way out.

Return to your car, and place the tights over your face, making sure to obscure any particularly memorable features. Drive several towns out of the way and enter the first bank you see. The patrons WILL look at you strangely, but honestly it’s just because they’re jealous.

If you haven’t been tackled by a security guard at this point, you’ll want to let the teller know that you’re there to make a withdrawal. Once you’ve completed this transaction, most likely they’ll have triggered a silent alarm… Don’t panic. Just thank them, let one round rip into the ceiling, then turn around and head for the door.

No matter what happens next, you’ll be in a better financial position this time next year, as you’ll either have: (a) no worries anymore 👻, (b) no bills, three meals, a place to sleep, and a slimming uniform, or (c) figured out how to make it to Switzerland and live the high life!

Good luck BatteredNBroke! 😍

Advice given in this post should not be followed and is purely for comedic value.
Lydia Prime shall is not responsible for any person(s) who choose to do so and/or any damages incurred.
© Copyright Lydia Prime. All Rights Reserved.

The Ladies of Horror Picture Prompt Challenge August 2020 {[All Authors]}

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August 20th – Snapshots by A.F. Stewart

August 22nd – Tourist Trappers by Marge Simon

August 24th – Locus Obscurus by Scarlett R. Algee

August 26th – Paper Cuts by Angelo Yuriko Smith

August 28th – Beyond the Lens by Linda Lee Rice

August 30th – Pictures or it Didn’t Happen by Bailey Hunter

September 1st – His Terrible Anatomy by Tiffany Michelle Brown


August 20th – Denial by Ela Lourenco

August 22nd – Revelation by Nina D’Arcangela

August 24th – Revenge of the Vampire Mollusc by Alex Grey

August 26th – Widow’s Verse by Tawny Kipphorn

August 28th – Merfolk by Holli Walker

August 30th – Recommendation by Kendra Hale

September 1st – green-eyed crows by Sheikha A.


August 21st – Scratch by Naching T. Kassa

August 23rd – American Girl by Elaine Pascale

August 25th – A Mile in My Shoes by Suzanne Madron

August 27th – Memory by Kathleen McCluskey

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August 21st – Rebirth by Michelle Joy Gallagher

August 23rd – We all Know What We’ve Done in the End by Melissa R. Mendelson

August 25th – Final Sunset by Rie Sheridan Rose

August 27th – Sunrise by Christina Sng

August 29th – Rendezvous by D.M. Slate

August 31st – The Truth of Sunset Island by Terrie Leigh Relf

September 2nd – Forever by Chelle Storey-Daniel