Monster Mashed

My piece, Monster Mashed, went live today on #PenoftheDamned! Check it out if you have a moment, it’s simply delicious.

Pen of the Damned

“Grandpa! Grandpaaaa!” Ellie screeched as she ran into the room, dragging half a doll behind her. She slammed her body against Christoff’s shin, gripping him tightly.

“Ellie, honey, we talked about this.” He patted her head, smiling.

“Sorry,” she whimpered, “Ancil broke my baby!” On cue, the little boy trotted in triumphantly, holding the other half of her doll in his mouth. Stuffing sprinkled onto the floor like bread crumbs.

“Ancil, come.” Christoff tried poorly to hide his bemused smirk.

“It’s not funny Grandpa!” She wailed before bursting into tears. Ancil stood behind Christoff, taunting his sister with the mutilated doll. Christoff grabbed each half, muttered under his breath and handed the restored ‘baby’ to Ellie. “Thank you,” she beamed, while Ancil shook his head.

“Shall we watch our show?” He asked. Both children lit up and scrambled to get their pillows before plopping in front of the TV. Christoff…

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The One That Got Away Anthology V3 | Janine Pipe @Disneynine @KandishaPress

A magical time of year is upon us: #WomeninHorrorMonth!

I wanted to use each day to celebrate the amazing lady authors in the latest Kandisha Press Women of Horror Anthology. The One That Got Away is the third in the series, and it’s filled to the brim with horrific nightmares that’ll keep you guessing. Let’s take a look eh?

Should Have Gone to Vegas by Janine Pipe is the first up!

“That’s it?” Adam looked over at Jack, thinking if it wasn’t for the fact his buddy was carrying most of the beers, he would have shot him with the rifle instead of some coyote.
Janine Pipe

Janine Pipe sets the scene with a bit of a boys’ trip. Two best friends set out for their regularly planned outing of relaxation, but this time, it’s in the great out doors. Unfortunately, one of the guys simply isn’t interested in camping without the glam. Through the complaining they still seem to manage to have a nice time, that is, until tragedy strikes.

Something horrifying (and I’m not even sure that word does it justice!) is out there with them.

Check out Janine’s story in The One That Got Away: Women in Horror Anthology Volume 3 and find out what’s in store for the bro’s, and if there’s any chance for a reprieve!