Book Spotlight | Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspiring Stories about Dogs V3

Just over a week ago, I’d joined my fiance, his brother and a few friends for some drinks at a local bar. While there, we couldn’t help but notice when a man walked up with his incredibly adorable pup.


Rick Young poses with his pupper, Noelle, while we speak about rescues and writing.

He was seated at a table near us and our tables quickly made jokes back and forth about the music. I’m not entirely sure how much time had passed, but being on the chillier side, we decided we needed to try getting a spot indoors. While we awaited the OK to snag a table upstairs, I excused myself from the tented dining area to smoke a cigarette in the shadows (like the creepy night creature I am). I saw my group of people trickle out of the tent and up the steps to the warmer tables.
My fiance was more than happy to wait while I got my nicotine fix so that he could pet the doggie. Turns out our new friend not only shared a love of fuzzy goofballs, but he was also a writer!

Rick Young was happy to tell us about the piece he’d written for a book about rescue animals, and his journey with Noelle, his lovely companion. Find out their story and many others in the book below:

LScreenshot_20201109-043559.pngost Souls: Found!
Inspiring Stories about Dogs Volume 3

Like Volumes I and II, Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspiring Stories About Dogs, Vol. III is full of fantastic, heartwarming stories about dogs who have been rescued and adopted. While a wide variety of stories are included, this book has a special focus on older dogs, herding-type dogs, and northern-type dogs.

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