The Ladies of Horror Picture Prompt Challenge June 2020 {[All Authors]}

This amazing Picture Prompt challenge has been hosted for the last 3 years by our lovely, Nina D’Arcangela. She selects four pictures and distributes them out to all the women authors who sign up to play along. Check out everyone’s work here:


June 20th – The Far Shore by Marge Simon

June 22nd – One, Two, Three by Mary Ann Peden – Coviello

June 24th – Demon Night by Christina Sng

June 26th – At the End of the Day by Kendra Hale

June 28th – Hiding from Monsters by Angela Yuriko Smith

June 30th – Sundown by Kim Richards


June 20th – The Reverend by Kathleen McCluskey

June 22nd – Write Drunk, Edit Sober by Sonora Taylor

June 24th – Ink by Alex Grey

June 26th – Irises by Michelle Joy Gallagher

June 28th – Ink in the Glass by Rie Sheridan Rose

June 30th – Saturated by Melissa R. Mendelson

July 1st – Poison Prey by Asena Lourenco


June 21st – I Hunt the Giant by Elaine Pascale

June 23rd – Gates to Hell by A.F. Stewart

June 25th – Black Autumn by Anna Davis

June 27th – Immortals by Sheikha A.


June 21st – The Katana by Naching T. Kassa

June 23rd – What We Have Become by Linda Lee Rice

June 25th – Best Left Hidden by K.R. Morrison

June 27th – Maleficium by Josie Queen

June 29th – Rebirth by Ela Lourenco