Kandisha Press interview series – Hell yes, it is out in the wild, baby!!!

Janine's Ghost Stories

Graveyard Smash is available to buy – NOW. Order HERE.

And to celebrate, here is an interview with my TOC buddy, the gorgeous, amazingly talented lady who is a very good friend of mine – Catherine McCarthy.

Please tell me a little about yourself.

Catherine McCarthy grew up in the industrial valleys of South Wales, U.K. where she taught in primary education for more than twenty years.

Having been ‘shown the light’ by her mother, who had the tradition of oral story-telling down to a fine art, she soon developed an insatiable appetite for all things literary.

Her first published novel, The Gatekeeper’s Apprentice, is a fantasy, magical adventure for middle grade readers. Still in love with some of the characters from this novel, she has since woven them into her adult fiction, and also has spellbinding plans for them in the future.

Her second novel, Hope Cottage, is a…

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