Kandisha Press interview series celebrating Graveyard Smash release part 3

Janine's Ghost Stories

Today I welcome R A Busby to the blog.

Q1 When did you first begin the journey to becoming a writer and why choose dark fiction?
From the time I was six or seven years old, I was writing stories. I’ve always been attracted to fairy tales — some of the darkest fiction out there, especially for children — and in college, I focused quite a lot on Gothic fiction of the 19th century, and later on made the marvellous discovery of Mexican Gothic as well. 

I love dark fiction because it tells the truth. Sometimes, the truth of a human experiencecan be more powerfully and meaningfully conveyed when it’snotprecisely literal — when being pregnant with Satan’s baby allows us to understand control of women’s bodies through manipulation and gaslighting (Rosemary’s Baby), or when a vision seen in ugly room decor allows us to enter the mind of…

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