REPOST: ‘Word Creation’ by Ela Lourenco, #author of Awakening – Book Three in the Dragon Born series. @ElaLourenco #fantasy #YA #DragonBorn

Spreading the Writer's Word

World Creation

by Ela Lourenco

An Essay Relating to the Dragon Born Series

World creation – possibly one of the hardest and yet most fun aspects of writing a fantasy adventure. There is much more to it than merely describing a planet or setting. In fact I will let you in on a little secret, it takes me longer to establish the world and plans than to write the actual book! There are all the various races to describe; the dragons, mages, witches… and there is so much to detail beyond their physical descriptions and magical powers. Each race needs its own past – an entire history which helps explain why and how they have become who and what they are. They all have their own rituals, belief-systems, relics which are all essential to the creation and melding together of the world they inhabit.

Every potion, weapon and magical object…

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