Book Spotlight: ‘Paths of Darkness’ by Michael Subjack @msubjack – A short #story #collection of #horror!

Paths of Darkness
Michael Subjack


In his second short story collection, Michael Subjack brings you thirteen new tales of terror. When a desperate car thief steals a strange automobile, he earns the wrath of its dangerous and otherworldly owner. The Devil decides to cut loose on a Saturday night but finds not even he can make things go exactly as planned. A misanthropic dairy farmer’s livestock starts dying and the culprit may be the elusive creature known as the Chupacabra.An old man suffering from constant nightmares finds them taking a sudden and terrifying turn for the worse. A couple going through a difficult time plot to rob a wealthy and eccentric older woman, only to learn she has far more nefarious plans for them.A young girl and her babysitter encounter a bizarre and inexplicable evil while hiking through the woods. Thirteen paths await you. Are you ready to explore the darkness?

Available on Amazon! 



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